Kyle McClain

Kyle McClain came to South Carolina in 2015, following many years of handling complex litigation in Texas and Missouri, to be closer to his daughter and grandchildren.

Not long after his arrival, he made the acquaintance of firm founder Michael Jeffcoat, and both men realized they had a shared interest in the work of The Innocence Project, a national organization devoted to obtaining exonerations, via DNA testing, for people who have been wrongfully convicted. Jeffcoat and McClain decided to create their own state organization, the South Carolina Actual Innocence Justice Center, which seeks DNA-based exonerations and also works to reform the criminal justice system to prevent further injustice.

Prior to becoming a South Carolinian, McClain built a stellar career as a litigator and litigation chief in private firms and major corporations.

McClain grew up near Houston and began his career working for two firms before joining Conoco Inc., Anadarko Petroleum, and the Monsanto Co. all the while handling complex litigation matters. He has twice successfully represented his clients before the U.S. Supreme Court and in 2013 received a stellar honor when his legal department at Monsanto was named as the Most Innovative Law Department in the U.S.

Throughout his career, McClain has led successful litigation in complex and high-stakes matters. Having worked both in private law firms and inside major corporations, he possesses a breadth of experience and a unique perspective on the overall legal system.

In his current practice, McClain is representing clients in a range of cases, including professional licensing. Like all states, South Carolina maintains standards for the licensing of professionals, and a variety of licensing boards and commissions exist to see that those standards are met by practitioners. McClain’s work in this area involves representing professionals in license disputes that are either resolved by administrative panels or via negotiated settlement.

When he’s not practicing law with The Jeffcoat Firm or working in the South Carolina Actual Innocence Project, McClain enjoys horseback riding. And during baseball season, he zealously follows the fortunes of his beloved Houston Astros.