Dental Hygienist License Defense in SC

Professional License Defense Attorneys for South Carolina Dental Hygienist License Defense

South Carolina statutes and regulations control the power of the South Carolina Board of Dentistry. This is where anyone can file a complaint against anyone with a dental license, including dentists, dental hygienists, and dental techs. These professionals can then be subject to disciplinary measures if the complaint is validated. Common allegations include criminal conduct, negligence, practicing while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, mental disability, addiction, allowing professional duties to be performed by unauthorized staff, filing false claims for reimbursement, failing to maintain proper records, abusing patients (physically or sexually), and practicing beyond the scope of practice. If you are facing charges, contact the dental hygienist license defense lawyers at the Jeffcoat Law Firm.

Common disciplinary actions from the South Carolina Board of Dentistry include a public reprimand, heavy fines, license denial, license suspension, and license revocation. Your best option is to contact a professional license defense attorney in South Carolina if you a complaint is filed against you. Keep in mind that a complaint is not a guarantee of actual guilt; you may have done nothing wrong. Further, prior behavior or conduct should not automatically preclude you from obtaining a license.

South Carolina Board of Dentistry Complaint Response

Once a complaint has been filed against a dental professional, be it by a colleague, an employee, or a patient, an investigation will be conducted by the South Carolina Board of Dentistry. An investigator will contact you from the South Carolina Labor, Licensing and Regulation (LLR). Do not discuss the complaint with the investigator without first speaking to a dental hygienist license defense attorney, because anything that you say may be held against you. The investigator may claim that they only want to hear your side and quickly close the case, but they are not working for your best interests.

Because the risk is so great, you must protect yourself, your rights, and your professional livelihood by contacting a South Carolina dental hygienist license defense attorney right away. You can get a free consultation to at least ensure that you are on the right path forward.

Board of Dentistry Discipline in South Carolina

There are different forms of disciplinary action that may be applied if you are found guilty of committing professional misconduct. This includes a public reprimand, heavy fines, suspension of license, and possibly revocation of license. In some cases, dental professionals are referred to the South Carolina Recovering Professional Program (RPP).

Referral to RPP 

In situations where you are found guilty of a complaint related to drug or alcohol abuse, you may be referred to the RPP. This program will evaluate your need for treatment and/or monitoring and may monitor you for up to five years. The goal is to ensure that you are able to safely and legally return to practicing dental hygiene. If you get this referral, contact a dental hygienist license defense attorney to discuss your options.

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The dental hygienist license defense attorneys at the Michael Jeffcoat Law Firm are experienced in representing South Carolina professionals in situations where complaints and disciplinary matters have made it to the South Carolina Board of Dentistry. We can help you with any situation related to professional misconduct and/or criminal charges. Call us today for a free consultation.