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The South Carolina Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation (LLR) regulates over forty different professions. This means that there are...

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Facing a DUI charge in Columbia, South Carolina can be an overwhelming and stressful experience. You’re going to have to face the complexities of the judicial system, and you need...

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What Our South Carolina Professional License Defense Lawyers Can Do for You

Facing allegations of professional misconduct in South Carolina? Contact us today.

The South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (LLR) oversees more than forty professions in the state, ranging from medicine and dentistry to engineering and accounting. Anyone can file a complaint against a practitioner, setting an LLR investigation into motion.

If you’re facing allegations of professional misconduct in South Carolina, it’s natural to be stressed and scared; there’s a lot to lose professionally and personally. Even when cases are unsubstantiated, the stain from any sort of professional investigation can have lasting consequences on your reputation and livelihood. That’s why it’s so important to have a dedicated professional license defense attorney from The Jeffcoat Firm on your side.

You have the right to counsel from the moment you are notified of an LLR grievance. At The Jeffcoat Firm, our professional license defense attorneys are prepared to stand by your side from start to finish during the bureaucratic process. You’ve worked hard to obtain your professional license; we can help you keep it, along with helping you avoid suspensions, restrictions, fines, and probation.

We’ll also argue against a public reprimand, which can sometimes be just as damaging to your personal and professional reputation as more severe penalties.

How Our South Carolina DUI Defense Lawyers Can Help You

officer with the breath testing equipment

Being charged with an alcohol or drug-related driving offense in South Carolina is a very serious matter. A conviction will remain on your criminal record forever, damaging your personal reputation and impacting your ability to drive, get a job, and pursue educational opportunities.

While you do have the right to represent yourself (pro se) in the South Carolina court system, statistics prove that pro se defendants have a much lower success rate than those who hire an attorney to fight on their behalf. Our experienced DUI defense attorneys at The Jeffcoat Firm can evaluate the facts of your case and advise you on the correct strategies to ensure the best possible outcome.

Even if you had been drinking prior to your arrest, you aren’t necessarily out of options: An investigation could reveal that the breathalyzer equipment used was faulty, prove that law enforcement did not follow proper protocols when making the traffic stop, or uncover witnesses who may be able to bolster your claim that you were not intoxicated or impaired.

In cases where a conviction is unavoidable, our DUI lawyers can still argue to get the charges minimized and have the penalties reduced, allowing you to keep your driver’s license and avoid jail time. With so much at stake, contact The Jeffcoat Firm’s Lexington and Columbia DUI defense lawyers for a free consultation today.

Attorney Michael Jeffcoat

Michael Jeffcoat practices in the areas of serious personal injury, nursing home abuse,  auto accidents and motor vehicle accidents.

After consulting with 2 other attorneys and then Mr. Jeffcoat, I knew immediately that he was the right attorney to hire.

"I recently found myself in need of strong legal representation for a DUI case. When I asked around about who I should consider hiring, Michael Jeffcoat’s name was mentioned by multiple people. After consulting with 2 other attorneys and then Mr. Jeffcoat, I knew immediately that he was the right attorney to hire. He is very professional and extremely knowledgeable. More importantly he is honest, and straightforward by letting you know exactly where you stand in regards to the law. He conducts his business with the utmost integrity and works for his clients with compassion and determination to help. I simply was hoping for a plea or reduced penalties, but could not have been more pleased when he called to inform me that the charges were dismissed!!"

I can count on Michael anytime of any day and he gets it done. I'm truly pleased to have met him and he is the absolute best!

"Michael Jeffcoat is the best. He was there for me when I made a mistake which landed me in jail that night. The next morning in bond court I was clueless to the charges I was facing and how serious they were and then I seen Mr. Jeffcoat walk through the doors and called out my name. I was so relieved to see him but confused as to why and how he knew I was there. He then proceeded to tell me someone he represented in the past contacted him and told him I was in jail and he was there to get me out. I don't know many attorneys or any of that matter who show up with no questions asked to help you without even being hired yet. So when the judge called my name, Mr. Jeffcoat was very polite and detailed and I was right then released from jail. As I was being released my roommate came to get me and I noticed this girl who looked very confused and sad so I asked her if she was okay? She told me she is a student here and had no one she knows living here which meant she couldn't be released unless someone was there to pick her up. So I called my roommate and told her to tell the front desk she was there to pick up me and the girl. On the way taking the girl to student housing she proceeded to tell us she was in law school and she did not want her parents to find out. We gave her Michael's number and told her to speak with him. He is fair, honest, and won't let you down. If I remember correctly she met with him and hired him. As for myself, I went to his office and spoke with him and couldn't have thanked him enough. He told me I was facing some pretty nasty charges and everything he said or promised he did. So of course I hired him that same day. I have referred him to multiple people and family and friends. They are all satisfied and pleased with how quickly he gets things done and unlike other attorneys, he sticks to word. He has been there for me through a lot. I can count on Michael anytime of any day and he gets it done. I'm truly pleased to have met him and he is the absolute best!"

The best in town! The Jeffcoat Firm far exceeded my expections.

"The best in town! The Jeffcoat Firm far exceeded my expections."

Mr. Jeffcoat's Team are awesome. Everyday. All Day.

"Mr. Jeffcoat's Team are awesome. Everyday. All Day. I really appreciate you all. Ms. Nicole is very concerning and caring. That's what we as people need; to know someone is on your side who listens to you, and most of all, cares, and works for you! ? All the time, not some! The Jeffcoat Firm are very professional!"

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