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An accountant working on his calculatorThe South Carolina Board of Accountancy regulates the practice of accounting in South Carolina, according to the statutes and regulations of the state. The board administers and enforces laws applicable to Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) and Public Accountants (PAs). Whenever a complaint is filed against an accountant with the South Carolina Board of Accountancy, the license and career of the accused CPA or PA are at risk.

To lose your license could cause tremendous upheaval in your career, finances, and personal life. If you are facing such a complaint, it is vital to contact a professional license defense attorney to guide you through the process ahead of you with an accountant license defense.

Be Proactive With Your SC Accountant License Defense

Naturally, accountants would prefer to make every effort to ensure ethical practices and diligence for all of their clients. Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, anyone can file a complaint. It could be an angry employee or former employee, a disgruntled client, a colleague, or anybody else. Once a complaint is filed with the SC Board of Accountancy, an investigation must proceed, and it may lead to consequences that will affect you for the rest of your life.

You may have your request for an Accounting License in SC denied, or you may temporarily or permanently lose the license that you already have. You might also face steep fines and/or public reprimand. In the worst case scenario, with applicable complaints, criminal charges may even be filed.

A common mistake made by South Carolina professionals is to assume that if they have done nothing wrong, they have nothing to worry about. You may think that you can face the South Carolina Labor Licensing and Regulation (LLR) investigation without legal representation. This could lead to disaster.

If You Have Questions, Contact Our SC Accountant License Lawyer

Accountants in columbia workingAt the very least, you would be wise to seek a free consultation of your case with the Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers for an accountant license defense. You can get some advice and direction regarding what to expect next, in this way. Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers is proud to represent and defend the professionals of South Carolina from licensing complaints and is prepared to help you achieve the best outcome for your accountant license defense.

Be prepared to hear from an investigator who seems polite, interested in your side of the story, and prepared to close the case quickly. Remember that this person is not on your side and does not have your best interests in mind. Before responding to an investigator, speak to an accountant license defense lawyer.

Accountant License Defense in SC

Common Complaints Against South Carolina Accountants, what is a public reprimand of a license?

The most common complaints against accounts that are filed against South Carolina accountants include, fraud/deceit in obtaining a license or permit in accounting practice, intentional use of false or fraudulent statements, obtaining fees under fraudulent circumstances, failing to comply with professional standards, felony conviction or other conviction related to dishonesty/fraud, violating the established codes of conduct and professional ethics, failing to renew license or registration, failing to respond to requests for information, failing to cooperate with Board investigation, failure to disclose appropriate license status, advertising or using a firm name in false or misleading ways, unlicensed practice, employing someone with a revoked or suspended license, and practicing outside of the scope of accountancy.

Possible punishments for verified complaints include public reprimands, limiting the scope of your practice, censure, steep fines, probation, or license suspension or revocation. You don’t want to make the mistake of facing the Board alone or waiting until it is too late to seek legal representation. If you are under investigation by the South Carolina Board of Accountancy, contact Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers in Columbia to learn how we can help you to protect your license and livelihood while providing you an accountant license defense.

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