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DUI Lawyers in Cayce SC

If you are facing any driving under the influence charge or criminal arrest, it is a heavy situation which will need consideration from a qualified and dedicated law firm. Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers is prepared to tackle your problem if you were charged with a felony or misdemeanor drunk driving charge. We will do our best to have your charges dropped or reduced. If you are wrongly charged, the situation is far from hopeless, the charges may be dropped.

We have an excellent value of integrity and you can depend on us to fairly handle your case. The attorneys at Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers are dedicated to obtain the optimum outcome. You may think things are not so extreme – after all, it’s not a homicide charge – but the repercussions can follow you around throughout your lifetime, so we see it just as seriously as though it was a homicide case. We do not quit trying for people and we offer defense that’s unmatched.

How can you receive a free of charge consultation and case review? Contact us and receive an answer right away! OR Fill in our online web form and get a fast reply. We are here day and night, every day, to take care of you.

Never Overlook the Seriousness of the Consequences of a Drunk Driving Charge

Examples of the effects that you could encounter from a DUI conviction include things like a considerable amount of time in jail (you may lose your employment), having your driving license suspended , winding up with a criminal background, winding up with a bad driving record, paying a lot of fines, and losing your insurance policy (or getting your premiums dramatically increased).

There are even further repercussions of a drunk driving conviction, outside of the legal significance. For example, your good reputation will be destroyed and your relationships could be affected. When addressed by a successful drunk driving attorney, the most serious drunk driving charges might be dismissed. Of course, don’t assume all law firms are the same, and you need to work together with somebody who is competent and effective at DUI criminal defense. Deciding on a lawyer that you are able to trust may not be simple. The number one point you’ll want to look out for in a lawyer will be the resolve to defend your rights. When you recognize you can put your trust in your lawyer to accomplish what is best for you, you will find the predicament to be far less nerve-racking than if you confronted it alone or with a less dedicated lawyer.

Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers Provides Skillful and Competent Legal Representation

Your initial evaluation is totally free, and we’ll evaluate your situation, evidence against you, and the facts that could establish your innocence or reduce the charges, so give us a call right away. The firm has skills managing these cases, which includes first DUIs and multiple DUIs. You and your family can be affected tremendously from the results of a drunk driving crime, and we realize why it’s extremely important to fight the situation. The profound results of this kind of charge make it crucial that you work with a qualified law firm. You can trust Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers to accomplish everything in our power to protect your needs.

Improve The Result of Your Situation

For drunk driving convictions, you could get a permanent stamp not only on your traffic record, but likewise your criminal record. You can struggle with that and many other drunk driving consequences if you’re found guilty. Many of your liberties are put at stake, but it is important to keep in mind you have a lot of rights. A Cayce DUI lawyer with Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers will take every step to protect your rights. The attorneys at

Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers are ready to place all of our effort into defending your rights, your independence, and your good name. We have an office in your area in Columbia. At Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers, we know the way to fight for you if you are improperly accused. In fact, Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers is ready to fight any DUI case, as well as any injury or family law cases you may be facing. If you’re contending with a drunk driving charge in Cayce, come to our office at 4723-A Sunset Blvd Lexington, SC.

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Every case is different. You should not believe your case will get the same result.

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