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Dentist License Defense Before the South Carolina Board of Dentistry

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Dentists, dental hygienists, and assistants may face disciplinary board actions for many reasons. Complaints can be filed by just about everyone – patients, co-workers, the families of patients or an employer. Common allegations refer to malpractice, incompetence, and neglect. Dentist license defense before the South Carolina Board of Dentistry will be of utmost importance in such situations.


Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers is dedicated to defending dental professionals who face disciplinary action. We have extensive experience in defending dentists who face malpractice claims and other allegations. Our years of experience in the field enable us to complete the multiple steps that result in an adequate defense strategy, regardless of the severity of allegations.

The Dentist License Defense Process in South Carolina

Whether a dentist is facing a malpractice report or a complaint that requires professional dental assistant license defense, the legal process is going to be the same. Whenever a complaint is submitted against a dental practice, the appointed investigator will expect a written response to the allegation. This is where our involvement will begin. In fact, speaking to a South Carolina dentist license defense attorney before you respond is one of your rights.


Based on our knowledge of such cases, we will give you a good idea about the best way for you to respond. While the response provides an opportunity to present your point of view, you should not expect a quick resolution immediately after that. Most often, dentist license defense will be a lengthy process that will involve a number of additional steps.


The Board of Dentistry investigative process will involve meetings with the investigator, as well as the need to attend a Board of Dentistry hearing. Your South Carolina dentist license defense attorney can prepare you for all of these upcoming steps. You need to have a strategy, including a plan that focuses on the impact of an eventual disciplinary action. A realistic assessment of the situation will make it easier for you to adapt and to maintain your dental practice’s good reputation.


Written Statements for South Carolina Dentist License Defense

While a written statement will give you the opportunity to tell your side of the story, a South Carolina Board of Dentistry summit will have to evaluate your claims against those of your accuser. You have to be well-prepared because this may be your sole opportunity to overcome the allegations of malpractice or neglect.


Your attorney will help you craft a statement that highlights your competence and good reputation. This statement is of paramount importance because based on it, the board will issue a decision.


Potential Disciplinary Actions for SC Dentist License Defense

The South Carolina Board of Dentistry receives many complaints and reports. Based on the complaint, the investigation and the hearing, board members will decide whether the licensed dentist needs to be disciplined.


Some of the most common complaints for which disciplinary action may be ordered include the following:


  • Negligence
  • Alcohol abuse or addiction, pharmaceuticals/drug abuse or addiction
  • Practicing beyond the scope of one’s license
  • Allowing for unauthorized staff to perform some of the duties of a licensed dentist
  • Inappropriate conduct with patients or with coworkers
  • Failing to maintain proper patient records
  • Filing falsified claims for financial reimbursement


Getting a complaint sent to the South Carolina Board of Dentistry is serious because various disciplinary actions may be imposed in response.


It is the responsibility of your SC dentist license defense lawyer to prepare you for the potential outcome. Whenever the board merits the complaint, there is a chance that you will face one of the several possible disciplinary actions:



The aim of the SCRPP program is to help dental professionals overcome an issue (like drug dependence or alcoholism, for example) and regain their right to practice in the state. This is a confidential serving and monitoring program designed for the needs of physicians, dentists, nurses, dental assistants and other individuals who specialize in the medical field.


An Adequate Complaint Response Can Save Your Career

Proper dental assistant license defense or dentist license defense both start with an immediate legal consultation. The South Carolina Board of Dentistry treats all complaints seriously. Even a minor violation could have life-altering consequences.


Just because a complaint has been filed does not mean a dentist is guilty of neglect or malpractice. This is not the end of your career, especially if you find a legal representative who understands interactions with the Board of Dentistry.


The aim of a legal representative is to make sure that your side of the story is heard loud and clear. The dentist license defense attorney will take a look at the complaint, the evidence and the specifics of the situation. Based on this information, a course of action will be chosen to address all allegations.


Every dentist, dental assistant or hygienist has the right to a hearing before the Board of Dentistry. Even if the situation appears to be hopeless, such a hearing may turn things around. For the purpose, a strategic approach will be required.


Whether you anticipate allegations to be forthcoming or you already have a report filed against you, do not face the board alone. A dentist license defense lawyer will help you decide whether you should self-report, how to do it, what it would take to minimize the collateral consequences of the allegation and whether it would be possible to keep your license.


Let a South Carolina Dentist License Defense Attorney Guide You Through the Process

Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers helps hardworking dentists and dental assistants in South Carolina address misconduct allegations. We treat every single case seriously because such allegations can potentially put a dentist out of business.


Our firm prepares diligently for each case. We carry out a thorough investigation and we communicate all findings with our clients. Based on this information, we craft a strategy for the purpose of addressing Labor, Licensing, and Regulation (LLR) allegations.


If you are facing a misconduct investigation, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Call Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers today for a dentist license defense to schedule your free initial consultation.

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