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Veterinarian License Defense Before The South Carolina Board Of Veterinary Examiners

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A veterinarian could face disciplinary action whenever a malpractice report is filed with the South Carolina Board of Veterinary Examiners. Reliable veterinarian license defense will be invaluable in such instances because both license suspension and revocation rank among the plausible consequences. Contact us today to speak with our Columbia veterinarian license defense lawyer.

The board is responsible for evaluating violations and even crimes pertaining to the duties and responsibilities of veterinarians and veterinary technicians. Violations can be reported by just about everyone, which will trigger a thorough investigation.

Facing the investigation on your own is not the wisest approach. The South Carolina Board of Veterinary Examiners can end the career of a veterinarian whenever sufficient evidence of violations and abuse is found. A South Carolina veterinary license defense attorney will know how to handle such charges, regardless of their severity.

Reports and Board of Veterinary Examiners Violations

Contractor License Defense, SCVeterinary medical examiners and veterinary technicians alike are the subjects of scrutiny when it comes to adhering to certain practices and observing an ethical code. Their work is regulated by the South Carolina Board of Veterinary Examiners – an entity responsible for licensing and for processing complaints.

A complaint can be submitted by anyone. This complaint or report must provide information about unlawful conduct that could include one or more of the following:

  • Criminal conduct
  • Negligence
  • Practicing without a license or beyond the scope of one’s certification
  • Practicing while under the influence of alcohol, prescription medications or illicit drugs
  • A failure to maintain proper records
  • Prescription fraud and attempts to divert medications
  • Allowing someone who does not have the right license or competences to practice
  • Failing to properly supervise staff

The board will carry out an investigation and based on the severity of the violation, disciplinary actions may be suggested. In some instances, the disciplinary actions will not interfere with practicing. In other situations, however, the board may determine that the only possible solutions are license suspension or license revocation.

As you can see, the consequences of a report could be devastating. Attempting to defend yourself, even if you believe that the charges are minor, could eventually lead to the termination of your career.

A veterinarian license defense attorney in South Carolina will have enough knowledge and previous experience with such cases in order to provide you with the best defense. Whether you are looking for mobile vet clinic license defense or representation for a standard clinic, you cannot go wrong by hiring a lawyer. Even if the charge is not a grave one, talking to an attorney still makes sense to understand possible defense scenarios and the implications.

The Administrative Review and Investigation Process: How SC Veterinarian License Defense Lawyers Can Help

Whenever the board gets a report, an investigator will be appointed to the case. Very often, an analyst will determine that the report does not have any merit. In such situations, a letter will be sent back to the complainant letting them know that a further investigation will not occur.

Whenever a complaint is reasonable enough, the board will launch an investigation to gather more information. The veterinarian or veterinary technician will be approached to share information about their side of the story.

Within 30 days of the case being assigned to a South Carolina investigator, the vet will receive a letter that contains all the details of the allegation. This is the time when getting in touch with a lawyer will make the most sense. Providing the investigator with information without consulting an attorney first could result in self-incrimination. As a veterinarian who is being investigated for a professional violation, you have the right to refuse further communication until you have spoken to a lawyer.

A veterinarian has the right to submit a written response to the investigator. This written response is a good opportunity for sharing additional information that may not have been presented in the original report. Such a letter, however, will have to be crafted carefully and strategically.

On top of communicating with a veterinarian, a board investigator may also issue subpoenas under South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 40-1-80. A subpoena will be needed to collect records and other data pertaining to the case.

Upon the completion of the process, the investigator will prepare a thorough review. The summary pinpoints evidence, relevant laws and the specifics of the violation (if such has taken place).

If there is enough evidence of a violation, a Board of Veterinary Examiners hearing will be scheduled. The board is the entity that will determine the guilt of the veterinarian and that will also rule out whether license revocation is going to be required as a form of disciplinary action.

Talk to a Columbia Veterinarian License Defense Lawyer Today

mr jeffcoatAs you can see, the road you will have to travel to address a malpractice report is long and winding. Navigating through the obstacles on your own can result in an even messier situation than the one you are already facing.

Everything could be on the line, including your right to practice your favorite profession. This is the main reason why you should never leave your defense to chance.

Teams like Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers attorneys know what it takes to represent healthcare employees who face license suspension or revocation. We have assisted multiple veterinarians and veterinary technicians through the years. Every license defense case is approached on an individual basis. Attention to detail and a personalized approach deliver optimal results every single time, regardless of the case’s complexity.

Usually, addressing client complaints in a prompt and polite manner is the best way to avoid disciplinary action. In some instances, however, clients and other individuals may be compelled to address the Board of Veterinary Examiners. You may be 100 percent innocent, but you will still need to think strategically about defending yourself and your livelihood with a veterinarian license defense.

As a potential new client, you are entitled to a free preliminary consultation with the experienced veterinarian license defense attorneys. Call us today to schedule the first appointment to discuss your veterinary license. This will be your opportunity to learn more about veterinary malpractice, the work of the South Carolina Board of Veterinary Examiners, and the ways to defend yourself with a veterinarian license defense whenever a report is being filed against you. Contact our veterinary license defense lawyer in Columbia today.

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