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10 Reasons to Hire A Lexington Criminal Defense Lawyer

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If you or some one you know was arrested and are now facing severe criminal charges, you may be asking yourself if it makes sense to retain a Lexington, South Carolina criminal defense lawyer. You might be thinking, “This is my first violation. I am able to manage this by myself, so why hire an attorney?” Fair question. Following are 10 reasons why it makes sense to hire a South Carolina criminal defense attorney rather than trying to represent yourself.

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Reason No. 1 – You Need Someone in Your Corner Advocating for Your Rights

Trying to defend yourself (also known as being a pro se defendant) is an extremely difficult process.  Why? Because you’ll be taking on the prosecutor who’s assigned to your case and the State of South Carolina. You could additionally be looking at taking on the Department of Justice, if your criminal charges contain any breaches of national law. This is the reason you need an aggressive and experienced criminal defense attorney in your corner. They’ll fight for your best interests. They understand which details to omit and what details to highlight. Many Sadly, many people cripple their cases by making comments that are poor to authorities, permitting a search of their vehicle or their premises with no warrant, accepting to be interrogated without a criminal lawyer present, and so on. Don’t make these errors.

Reason No.2 – Defense Lawyers Possess Abilities and Expertise Required to Get Your Charges Lost or Reduced.

If you cut your finger off, do you think to yourself, “I know how to sew.  This will be easy and see me a lot of money?”  Naturally you do not.  You see a physician and get their professional help in correcting the problem. The same logic applies to someone who’s facing criminal charges. The law degree that hangs in your lawyer’s office isn’t only ornamentation. It signifies a choice to dedicate their lives to representing clients in a court of law and years of legal education. You should use their abilities and expertise to help solve your legal issue.

Reason No. 3 – So You Won’t Get Lost in the Trees They See the Forest

There are some cases where it makes perfect sense to proceed to a jury trial.  Other times, it is more logical to debate with the prosecutor and reach a plea bargain.  An example would be if you have been charged with driving under the influence but this is your first criminal offense.  It is more logical in this case to work out a plea bargain with the prosecutor.

Reason No. 4 – Your Defense Lawyer Takes the Weight off Your Shoulders in Remembering Significant Court Deadlines and Duties

Criminal law is not simple. You must recall the South Carolina Rules of Criminal Procedure, along with deadlines for court motions and answers. That weight is taken off your own shoulders when you hire an experienced Greenville criminal defense attorney. Their legal team, and your attorney, keeps up the legal calendar to date, together with reminders so they’re constantly in on your case and what must be done.

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Reason No. 5 – They Can Work to Get Your Case Solved Promptly or Use Legal Strategies to Expand the Litigation

You have the right to a speedy trial under the Sixth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution. Sometimes it actually makes more sense to delay the trial, depending upon the facts of your case, so further investigation can be conducted.

Reason No. 6 – Evidentiary Challenges are Essential

Whether or not your case will even go to trial successfully excluding a piece of evidence from the prosecutor’s case can be a proverbial “game changer.”  As an example, did the police officer who pulled you over have his Breathalyzer machine calibrated right? Did the policemen who discovered and searched your house and discovered drug paraphernalia have a search warrant?  Getting Breathalyzer evidence or challenging the legality of a search can make or break your case.

Reason No. 7 – You’ll Have Someone on Your Side Running Their Own Investigation Into What Occurred.

Your case is assigned to a prosecutor who’s employed by the State of South Carolina when you’re charged with a crime. Those prosecutors have the resources at their disposal of the state government, as well as investigators, local police department, etc. You are going to have someone running their own investigation for your benefit when you retain a Lexington criminal defense attorney. They may have the ability to discover contradictory evidence that supports your reclamation of the facts. They’re able to also detect inconsistent testimony from witnesses for the prosecution and other facts favorable to you.

Reason No. 8 – They Can Advise You Whether It Makes Sense to Testify in Court

Deciding whether it makes sense for you to testify, and who testifies at trial, is a tactical decision which should be made by someone who can feel what testimony is needed to carry a judge or jury and has litigated criminal cases. You might want to take the stand and testify on your behalf, but not everyone makes a good witness.  Your criminal defense attorney near you will have the agreeable knowledge as to whether is makes sense for you to testify or not.

Reason No. 9 – Your Defense Lawyer Understands Which Expert Witnesses to Call

There is a reasonable chance the prosecutor who is assigned to your case will have access to many witnesses who can testify against you which can play a large outcome of whether you are convicted or not, depending upon the crime you are charged with.  By hiring an experienced South Carolina criminal defense lawyer who has their own vast network of experts who can contradict the prosecutor’s witnesses, thereby helping to level the proverbial playing field.

Reason No. 10 – Your Defense Attorney Comprehends Your Independence and Future Are on the Line

One thing to keep in mind is your freedom, future, and livelihood could be at jeopardy depending on the crime you are charged with.  As an example, you are looking at potential jail time of a test a year, thousands of dollars in various fines, and a permanent record that will remain with you for years to come, if you are facing severe felony charges.  Your defense attorney will work endlessly to get help you out to the best of his or her ability because they understand the consequences you may face if you are convicted.  As an example, to weaken the prosecutor’s case against you, your experienced and aggressive defense attorney can find ways to raise reasonable doubt.  Keep in mind that it is up to the state to convict you and they must meet a very hard burden of proof showing, beyond a reasonable doubt, you are guilty of the crime.

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Michael Jeffcoat is an experienced criminal defense attorney who proudly represents South Carolinians in all types of criminal charges such as domestic violence, DUI, drug crimes, property crimes, violent crimes, misdemeanors, and more. Contact his office today to schedule a free, confidential consultation.

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