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If you are confronted with any sort of DUI charges or arrest, that is a heavy predicament that will demand care and attention from a competent and committed lawyer. Whether you are contending with a felony DUI or a misdemeanor DUI, The Michael Jeffcoat Firm is here to guard and preserve your proper rights. The goal of this law firm is always to pursue a total dismissal of charges when the person has been wrongly or falsely charged with driving while impaired.

You do not need to deal with these charges alone, and you should not. We are going to protect your rights with determination and commitment. We will attempt to handle the problem with the most beneficial outcome for you. You may think things are not very serious – of course, it isn’t a murder case – yet the consequences can follow you around for the remainder of your lifetime, so we see it equally as seriously as though it were a homicide case. Our Lexington DUI defense lawyers won’t give up on you and we are going to stand beside you every step of the path.

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Why Is It So Crucial to Prevent the Implications of a DUI Charge?

DUI convictions result in substantial and damaging penalties that can still be demonstrated in the future. You can face:

  • Your driver’s license might be revoked
  • Significant time in jail
  • Having to pay major fees
  • A criminal record
  • Driving record
  • Loss of car insurance or elevated premiums

There are even extra repercussions of a DUI conviction, outside the legal ramifications. For example, your good reputation might be damaged and your relationships might be compromised. When managed by a good DUI law firm, even the most severe DUI allegations can be dismissed. How successful you are in your situation depends on the effectiveness of your Lexington DUI lawyer. Deciding on a lawyer that you can have confidence in isn’t necessarily simple. The number one point you should look for in a lawyer is their dedication to fight for your liberties. Trust is the central thing to look for when selecting an attorney.

The Michael Jeffcoat Firm Provides Knowledgeable and Qualified Representation

If you are contending with a charge for driving under the influence, then it’s imperative that you inform our office and acquire a no-cost case evaluation so we are able to closely examine the case to see how we will assist you. Whether you’re confronting the very first DUI in your life, or whether you are contending with a multiple drunk driving charge situation, we have the skills you need. A drunk driving crime could, not only affect your own life, but could influence the lives of many others also. The profound results of this kind of charge make it crucial that you work with a qualified law firm. You can trust a Lexington DUI lawyer at The Michael Jeffcoat Firm to accomplish everything in our power to protect your needs.

Improve The Result of Your Situation With A Lexington DUI Lawyer

For drunk driving convictions, you could get a permanent stamp not only on your traffic record, but likewise your criminal record. You can struggle with that and many other drunk driving consequences if you’re found guilty. Many of your liberties are put at stake, but it is important to keep in mind you have a lot of rights. A Lexington DUI lawyer with The Michael Jeffcoat Firm will take every step to protect your rights. The attorneys at The Michael Jeffcoat Firm are ready to place all of our efforts into defending your rights, your independence, and your good name.

We have an office in your area in Lexington. At The Michael Jeffcoat Firm, our Lexington DUI lawyer knows the way to fight for you if you are improperly accused. In fact, The Michael Jeffcoat Firm is ready to fight any DUI case, as well as any injury or family law cases you may be facing.

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