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Is a DUI Affecting Your Nursing License?

If you are a nurse in South Carolina and get arrested for a DUI, it doesn’t have to be a career-ending event. With that being said, a DUI conviction is dangerous and can have an impact on your employment, reputation, and nursing license.

Additionally, if you are a nurse in South Carolina and convicted of a DUI, you must report it to the state licensing board. However, law enforcement may be automatically reporting your DUI arrest to the South Carolina Board of Nursing.

Michael Jeffcoat has experience dealing with assisting nurses and other licensed medical professionals with DUIs. As soon as you are able after your DUI arrest, you should contact our offices.

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What are the Potential Penalties for a South Carolina Nursing DUI 

The easiest way to minimize any negative consequences is to have the DUI either dismissed or favorably reduced. This may help you avoid any nursing license complications but can also help you avoid:

  1. Driver’s License Suspension
  2. Fine and Jail Time
  3. SR-22 Insurance
  4. Mandatory ADSAP
  5. Lifelong Criminal Record

Frustrated nurse in the corridor.What Kind of Discipline Can the South Carolina Board of Nursing Hand Out?

In South Carolina, in some cases, you may be able to avoid having your nursing license revoked or Suspended. However, you could face a variety of disciplinary measures that may include:

  1. Citations
  2. Community Service
  3. Fines
  4. Limitation of your Professional Duties for some time
  5. Periodic Drug Testing and Alcohol Testing
  6. Probation
  7. Restrictions and Supervision Required
  8. Substance Abuse Education
  9. Temporary or Permanent License Suspension
  10. The Requirement to Enter a Substance Abuse Program
  11. Warning Letter

Are There Other Possible Consequences to My South Carolina Nursing DUI?

In addition to the disciplinary action handed down by the South Carolina Board of Nursing, you may have lost your driver’s license. If so, you may have problems getting to work.

Along with hefty fines, you may also be required to have an interlock ignition system installed into your vehicle. You have options if you have a reprimand on your South Carolina nursing license.

What Does The South Carolina Licensing Board Consider When Determining Disciplinary Action?

The South Carolina Licensing Board may consider the following when deciding on the appropriate disciplinary action:

  1. If you have a prior criminal history or disciplinary actions
  2. How long you’ve been a nurse
  3. Any rehabilitation efforts
  4. Restitution
  5. Financial hardships
  6. The extent of your drug and alcohol problem
  7. The deterrent effect of any penalty
  8. Actual damage caused by the violation

jeffcoat teamContact an Experienced South Carolina Nursing DUI Lawyer Near You

If you are a nurse and been arrested for a DUI in South Carolina, it’s best to contact Columbia, South Carolina lawyer Michael Jeffcoat before reporting your DUI to the licensing board, if law enforcement hasn’t already done that for you.

We know how to report your DUI accurately and what to do to put you in the best position before the South Carolina Licensing Board. If you have already published your DUI to the Board or law enforcement has reported it, you still have options, but you need to contact us immediately before you respond to the board or the investigator.

Professional License Defense Attorney Michael Jeffcoat encourages nurses and other licensed professionals facing a DUI to contact us as soon as possible so we can discuss your options.

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