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I’m Facing Legal Action. How Do I Protect My Professional License in Columbia, South Carolina?

Depending on your chosen vocation, you may or may not have to obtain a professional license to perform the duties of your job. When you live in Columbia, South Carolina, if your chosen profession requires a professional license, you will be very familiar with the South Carolina Department of Labor, Licensing, and Regulation. This agency is the agency responsible for tracking and regulating professionally licensed positions in the state. So in other words, it will not matter if you are a real estate agent, a pharmacist, a dentist, a nurse, or a barber or beautician, there is a separate section in the licensing and regulation board that will handle any complaints brought against you.

Some professions require regular inspections per state mandates, and the Office of Investigations and Enforcement (OIE) conducts the inspections as well as investigates complaints. It will not matter if a disgruntled customer makes allegations against you and your business or if you fail a routine inspection, the OIE office will handle the investigation.

What Will Happen in My Columbia, South Carolina Professional License Case?

Professional License Defense Lawyer in Columbia, South Carolina
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When there is an allegation or complaint against you or any licensed professional, an investigation will begin. Complaints have to be written and as soon as received, will go to a complaint analyst for review. It is the job of the analyst to decide if you have violated a rule of practice for your chosen field. If the complaint does not warrant further investigation, it will be a “Do Not Open” case and immediately closed. The complaints that do meet the burden of warranting further investigation receive a number and handed off to an investigator for continued review.

You will have the chance to answer and submit a written answer to the complaint and the allegations made against you. Prior to sending in a written response, you should take the time to meet and consult with an attorney to advise you on how to proceed with your case. A lawyer will be able to help you work through and understand the difficult process of building a professional license defense in Columbia, South Carolina. The allegations made against you may be untrue; a lawyer will be able to help you dispute the claim with proven facts.  An attorney can help you determine what your options are and how you should respond to the allegations.

How Can an OIE Investigation Cause Me to Lose My South Carolina Professional License?

An investigation by the Office of Investigations and Enforcement in Columbia, South Carolina into a complaint against you can take anywhere from 60 to 180 days. While under review, the OIE will perform a thorough investigation into the charges alleged against you and subpoena anyone they deem to have pertinent information about the case. Once the investigation into is complete, the Internal Review Committee (IRC) will decide if the case will go to a formal complaint and if so, the case will be sent to the Office of Disciplinary Counsel (OGC) for a final decision.

The OGC will make the final determination on whether or not your license will be suspended or revoked and the length of time for the adverse action. You will need to consult with an attorney to help establish a professional license defense. A lawyer knows and understands how the law works and how an investigation will affect your ability to practice in your chosen profession. Even if you do not lose your professional license, a complaint can have a negative impact on your business and your ability to earn money. It is in your best interest to seek the advice of an attorney to learn all the options available to you and how you can make a living in the future.

What Can a Columbia, South Carolina Attorney Do to Help Me in My Professional License Case?

When you are the subject of a complaint that could potentially cost you your professional license, an attorney can help you build a defense for the charges brought against you. You will have to answer to the alleged charges, and it is in your best interest to have someone on your side at all times. An attorney can help you gain a complete understanding of the charges and explain what will happen in the event that you lose your professional license. You may feel like it is the end of the road for your professional career, but a lawyer can help you investigate the charges brought against you and help you to navigate the difficult and confusing legal paperwork.

All complaints and allegations against you, as a professional, warrant review, even if you know they are false. An attorney has resources to determine where the complaint originates and provide evidence to prove the claim is unsubstantiated. A lawyer can do what you cannot do for yourself; use the law to prevent any charges from attaching to your permanent professional record. It is your attorney’s duty to protect you and your interests. The threat of losing your South Carolina professional license is no joking matter. Make sure you have someone working on your behalf to make sure you do not lose your livelihood.

Contact Jeffcoat Criminal Defense Lawyers to Defend Your South Carolina Professional License

If you are facing the prospect of losing your Columbia professional license, contact our office today to discuss how we can assist you with your defense. We know and understand you put a great deal of time and effort into earning the credentials to legally conduct your business. Do not jeopardize it by failing to respond to a complaint. Let us protect you, your business, and your reputation by defending your right to continue to have full use of your professional license. This is too important for you to ignore. Call our office today for a no-obligation consultation so we can get to work on defending you against the charges brought against you and the services you provide.

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